messes are fun | cotton masks for buddies

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messes are fun | cotton masks for buddies
messes are fun | cotton masks for buddies
messes are fun | cotton masks for buddies
messes are fun | cotton masks for buddies
messes are fun | cotton masks for buddies
messes are fun | cotton masks for buddies
So Gingerly masks for kids are made with two layers of pre-washed, high quality quilting cotton, sewn with organic cotton thread, and finished with colorful and soft elastic straps that tighten with a silicone adjuster bead. Each mask is hand cut, sewn, finished, packaged, and shipped from my home studio. This mask set is designed to fit a variety of face sizes and shapes of children from approximately 4-12 years old and their stuffed friend/18" doll. 
The masks have a 1/8" wide elastic loop that is approximately 30" and 15" long, which is more comfortable for long term wear than elastic ties behind the ears, without being bulky along your child's neck, on the sides of their face, or on their head. Parental supervision is strongly suggested when children put on their So Gingerly masks! To wear the mask, extend the lower loop of the elastic and pull it over the child's head much like you would put on a necklace. The mask will lay on their chest like a bib at this point. Then grab the knotted end of the elastic, placing the mask along the face, and pull the bead toward the head to tighten the fit. The tighter you pull the elastic, the more fitted to your face your mask will be.
The kid mask's general dimensions are: 
  • 3" along each side (tie channels)
  • 4.25" at center (vertically, from nose to chin)
  • 8" across horizontally (ear to ear)
The buddy mask's general dimensions are: 
  • 1.25" along each side (tie channels)
  • 2" at center (vertically, from nose to chin)
  • 3.5" across horizontally (ear to ear)

The CDC recommends, and many state and local governments are requiring, that people wear face coverings (masks, etc.) while in public. Doing so is a social good because it contributes to international efforts to control the spread of COVID-19, flatten the curve, and keep you and your communities healthier and safer in these pandemic times. Tightly woven quilter's cotton is the fabric suggested as the best choice for masks as it is the least porous option available to home sewists. 

This mask is ready-to-ship and will be sent via USPS First Class mail. Please select the USPS Priority Mail option at checkout if you need your mask more quickly. You will receive an e-mail notification with a tracking number when your order is shipped. Please note that I can make no guarantees about how quickly packages will move through the USPS at this time.
This listing is for one So Gingerly cotton mask. All efforts have been made to provide images of masks that reflect the colors and textures of the fabrics. Some variations may be visible between screens. Additionally, due to the handmade nature of this product, there may be slight variations in fabric pattern placement. If you receive your mask and are unhappy with the fit or construction, please e-mail me so we can discuss replacements! I want you to have a mask that feels comfortable enough for long term wear.
A few notes about your So Gingerly cotton mask:
  • it should be washed by hand or machine upon receipt and washed regularly
  • it can be machine dried but will last longer if air dried on a clothesline or laid flat
  • it can be ironed on high heat (with or without steam) as desired, but do NOT iron the elastic
  • it should be applied and removed with freshly washed hands
  • it should be worn while social distancing
  • it does not qualify as medical-grade PPE nor has it been tested and certified as such
  • it does not contain a pocket for an additional filter
  • it should be kept away from children under 3 as the ties and silicone adjuster bead present a choking hazard
  • it is not designed for use by anyone under the age of 3
  • it is non-returnable, zero exceptions
  • this product is not eligible for coupon codes or discounts
  • use at your own risk (see fine print below)
So Gingerly masks are made from an adapted Sugardale pattern unless otherwise noted.  I do have a dog, but she has zero direct contact with my supplies
So Gingerly makes no protective warranties or guarantees, implied or otherwise, as it relates to this product. By purchasing this mask, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless So Gingerly/Meaghan O'Malley from all personal, legal, and medical expenses incurred by the person(s) wearing, interacting with, and generally using this product.