pattern testing

Quilt testing is an important responsibility and an integral part of bringing a quilt pattern to market. I enjoy the process and the relationships I'm able to build with designers immensely. As a pattern tester, I can offer pattern designers a combination of technical skill and editing proficiency. I'm happy to provide references upon request.

Through the Modern Quilters Collective, I am part of a larger conversation about ethical practices in pattern testing. We are in the preliminary stages of constructing a "bill of rights" for pattern testers and making a comprehensive list of best practices for pattern designers, including recommendations for compensation and professional acknowledgment.

My personal commitment to pattern testing is to support the creative efforts of folks from marginalized communities through my supplies, skills, and labor. This means I will continue to volunteer without expectation of compensation for designers who represent People of the Global Majority, queer and trans designers, and disabled designers. White, cisgender, and heterosexual designers will need to present mutually agreeable terms to me for future testing inquiries.

Please contact me via e-mail at if you're interested in having me pattern test for you.

Below is a comprehensive list of patterns I have tested.

Plaidful Quilt by The Weekend Quilter
Increase Quilt by Modern Handcraft
Rainbow Splash Quilt by Sew Brainy
Open Road Quilt by Toad and Sew
Sunset Bliss Quilt by XOXSew
Floyd + Grove Quilts (Sister Quilts) by Toad and Sew
Story Hour Quilt (due August 2021) by XOXSew
This Way Home Quilt (due October 2021) by XOXSew