My goal as a white queer cis femme modern quilter is to foster connection and work collectively with fellow quilters to bring justice, diversity, equity, inclusivity, and economic support to and through the industry.

As a community-oriented rabble rouser, I strive to use my skills to promote and uplift the work of marginalized creators. As a maker, I work to support mutual aid efforts in my geographic and maker communities as well as initiating projects with quilters internationally that contribute to initiatives supporting communities in need.

  • I recently started the Modern Quilters Collective and through my work there, I hope to take part in broader conversations of justice in modern quilting through direct action, writing, and conversation.
  • With 59 like-minded quilters, I initiated a collaborative charity quilt project called Team Pickle Quilt. Using the beloved Kona quilting cotton in the color Pickle, each quilter will contribute one 12" block. All 60 blocks will be aesthetically arranged and quilted into two large throw quilts which we will sell. 100% of the funds we collect will benefit the Second Harvest Food Bank in SE Louisiana, which is currently providing support to 23 parishes post-Hurricane Ida.
  • I'm currently working with Kaitlyn Summitt-Nelsen of Archaios Quilt Co. on a second collaborative charity quilt project to debut to interested quilters in early December 2021 with a deadline of mid-January 2022. 

Modern quilting is dominated by cisgender, heterosexual white people and it is only through collective efforts that we can return the histories of quilting to the communities responsible for sustaining it through the generations and allow them to define the future of modern quilting.

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