About Me

Hi, I'm Meaghan and I'm a fourth generation sewist, stitcher, and crafter. My crafty business began at a folding table in my apartment in Washington DC in 2007 when I decided to return to my childhood love of beading and jewelry making. Over the years, I have worked hard to refine my aesthetic, improve and expand my skills, and make things I love. I have settled into sewing and quilting in a way that has felt like I've finally found my crafty home.

I like to say that So Gingerly is a scrappy riot of color, form, and function. So much of what I make is designed to make your home and life a little tidier, a little brighter, and a lot more fun. My work speaks to kids of all ages and I'm inspired by childlike glee, no matter the source. I meticulously create each [often one-of-a-kind] item in my home studio and sew on a Juki TL-2200QVP as well as a decade-old Singer. I also do quite a bit of hand-stitching -- embroidery, applique, and cross stitch -- as well a little bit of painting. I also incorporate vintage fabrics, findings, and needlepoint into my projects as often as possible.

Aesthetically, I love color more than anything else. My favorite colors are those found in the sun - reds, yellows, oranges, and pinks - so you'll see those show up a lot in my work. In an effort to keep my fabric scraps under control and not over-purchase or under-use materials, I really prefer improv quilting and foundation paper piecing, which allow me to use the tiniest pieces of fabric to create unique designs. I use natural, unbleached cotton batting and opt for simple, minimalistic top stitching and accessorizing when it comes to my quilted pieces. Crafting can very easily contribute to the excess and I make every effort to be mindful with my making.

Craft shows are something I love to do and I have participated in shows in the Washington DC metro area since 2008. I am a former member of the DC Craft Mafia, founding member of the Queer Crafter Collective, and I have coordinated the social media/blogging for an incredibly popular DC maker fair called GRUMP for many years.

If you're curious about my availability to test your quilt pattern, please read this first! 

If you have any questions, please reach out to me via e-mail!

As makers, sometimes who we are gets lost behind what we make, so it is important to share with you that I'm a queer femme, feminist, and ally to marginalized communities. I endeavor to center anti-racism in all that I do. I have also worked in bookstores and libraries for over 16 years, so I am a researcher by nature. I strive to be intentional and thoughtful about what I make and who I support, which includes everything from careful consideration about the stylistic origins of the things I make to ensuring that if I use a fellow maker's pattern to create any part of my work, I have done my research to be certain I have permission to sell my own interpretations...and I cite them!